It's going to be a big job to make over a million and a half American soldiers, in France, happy at Christmas time. A great many of them are going to be happy if they receive photographs in their Christmas packages, and disappointed if they don't, but they won't even receive packages if they are not on their way soon.

How many boys from your town are in France now, or on their way? And have you started a campaign of advertising to remind their mothers and fathers and sweethearts that Christmas pictures for their soldiers should be made right now?

No one thing in that Christmas package will mean so much to the soldier boy as the little photograph of some loved one. He will treasure it, will show it with pride to his companions, and will fight for it, because it is the symbol of home and all he holds dear.

We have been told by the men whose business it is to keep up the fighting courage of our Army, that letters and pictures from home do more than all else to keep them in spirits.

They can be amused, can get bodily comfort and refreshment, can buy sweets and trinkets, but they can't buy letters or photographs - these must come from home.

You have a definite part to play in making the men of our Army and Navy happy. It is up to you to make the photographs they want, and they will not be made if the families and friends of the soldier boys do not get a warning and heed it.

We are doing our part by making a big advertising drive in the magazines, using the copy shown on page 7. This will appear as full pages in the October numbers of the Atlantic Monthly, Century, Harper's, Scribner's, Review of Reviews, and World's Work; as one-quarter pages in the November numbers of the Ladies' Home Journal, Woman'» Home Companion, Delineator, Woman's Magazine, Designer and Pictorial Review, and as one-quarter pages in early October numbers of Saturday Evening Post and Collier's.

The list of November magazines are out early in October, so it will really be October advertising. But it can't do for you what local advertising will do. It is general advertising and you can rest assured it will be read by practically every mother or father or sweetheart who has a soldier in France. But such advertising can't point to you as the photographer in your town. You must do this yourself, and in doing so point out again the importance of having sittings made at once.

More Advertising For You To Get Photographs In The StudioLightMagazine1918 192


By Lauritz Bros. Los Angeles, Cal.

You should have three Christmas rushes this year, or one continual rush - pictures made in October for overseas mailing - pictures in November for the boys in training camps or just leaving for France, and pictures in December for the folks at home.

But above all things, get busy with your October advertising. The mail is going to be heavy, and while every effort will, no doubt, be made to reach all soldiers on Christmas day, there is a chance for disappointment if packages are not in the mail early. It will also facilitate the handling of a very heavy Christmas mail, and none of us wish to make the task of transportation any more difficult than it now is.

Our boys are winning this war and are going to keep on winning it until every mother's son in France can say he quit because the job was finished. And we who are left at home must keep on supplying the encouragement they need, and have a right to expect, because they are fighting our battles.

It is our plain duty to urge everyone who loves a soldier to send photographs for Christmas, and to send them early and so make sure he will have them to gladden his heart on Christmas morning.

Use our copy on page 7, if you like, substituting your firm name for ours, or use copy of your own that will get the same idea across, the main thing being to reach the public with an appeal that has a punch to it.

Our only idea in suggesting the use of our copy is that it is short and to the point, it is surrounded by sufficient space to make it stand out prominently and it will be read so generally in the big magazines that its use in your local paper will attract attention and couple your name with the thought of photographs for the boys in France.