Observation shows that, in a large number of studios, an undue share of the burden of the business is borne by the operating department. In other words, it is the successful posing, the successful negative making, and the successful handling of the customer in the reception room and studio that keeps the business together. Not often enough, by any means, is a negative made to give its best results, notwithstanding that it is the print that represents the work of the studio, and that the print is the only thing the customer sees.

It is not always the fault of the printing room hands, however. Too frequently the papers used are not of high quality, and if, in addition, there is the slightest want of ability in the use of them, the result is a foregone conclusion. The only sound policy is to bear in mind that the better your negatives the better the paper they deserve to be printed upon; and the poorer the negatives the greater the necessity of a high-class paper capable of improving the results.

By general consent, Artura has advanced the quality of the work turned out by every studio in which it has been adopted. The public like it. To them, portraits on Artura are distinctive, and they order accordingly. They are drawn by the excellent mod el-ling seen in an Artura print. They appreciate its beautiful shadows and delicate high lights. Its rich, warm tone appeals to their fancy. Artura then is essentially the paper for the professional who wishes his prints to be the key to further patronage.

How To Send Your Lens To The U. S. Signal Corps

It has come to our attention that some photographers have sent lenses to the Signal Corps in Washington and because the proper procedure has not been followed there has been some difficulty in straightening out the tangles that have been the result.

The Signal Corps is in need of lenses - in urgent need of them - but it is necessary for the department in charge of this work to have a description of lenses the photographer is willing to sell for the different needs of the Signal Corps work.

If you have a lens of the type and make for which the Signal Corps has advertised, write the department giving a full description of same - the make, type, size, focal length, speed, etc. Also state definitely the price at which you are willing to sell the lens outright.

If the lens is suitable for the work and the price satisfactory the department will mail you a properly numbered requisition for same which will identify your lens when same is shipped to Washington, properly numbered as per your requisition or voucher.

We would suggest that under no circumstances should you send a lens to the Signal Corps or turn it over to any agent of the Government without a properly numbered requisition.

Many lenses were sent to the Signal Corps without being requisitioned but all these lenses have either been purchased or returned to their owners. The tangles have all been straightened out and your offer of lenses will be promptly attended to and your lenses called in if required. List your lenses at once for army service.