Cedar Point, Ohio, July 28-Aug. 2

Be ready for a good convention and a good time. Business, instruction, amusement, recreation and rest - there will be ample opportunity for a sprinkling of each, and all are vital to a successful summer convention.

An excellent educational program has been prepared, and the Board feels confident the program will be sufficiently diversified to please everyone. Also, the hours have been so arranged that you will have time to hear lectures, chat with your friends, study exhibits, visit with the dealers, take a dip in the surf, eat good food leisurely and smoke your after dinner cigar by moonlight.

It promises to be a mighty interesting meeting and you will be glad you have taken a part in it. If you have never visited Cedar Point you will enjoy the experience - it will be an excellent vacation. If you have, it isn't necessary to urge you to come again.

Commercial Photographers

Mr. F. G. Rose, 116 Erie St., Toledo, Ohio, Chairman of the Commercial Prize Competition Committee, urges commercial photographers to send an exhibit for the Grand Sweepstake Prize which will be the only prize event of the convention.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By M. B. Nicholson Kansas City, Mo.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By M. B. Nicholson Kansas City, Mo.

This exhibit will be one of the big features and will attract special attention to commercial photography. You have negatives in your files that will make wonderful prints - every commercial photographer has made work that is exceptionally good. Send three prints with entrance fee and then come and see this wonderful exhibit.

There are no strings to this prize - the best three prints takes it.

The three prints may include subjects of any nature other than portrait, pure landscape or genre.

Only three photographs can be entered and the entrance fee is $2.00.

The sum total of entrance fees will be awarded to the set of photographs considered by the judges to be the best.

The judging will be fair because the judges will be men you are continually working to please: an advertising man, an employing photo-engraver and a buyer of photographs.

You have only to be a member of the P. A. of A. to compete. Write to the vice-president, Mr. C. F. Lewis, 1217 Madison Ave., Toledo, Ohio, who is to receive the entries, that you will be a contestant.

If you are not a member, apply to J. C. Abel, Secretary, 421 Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio.