Interest in any illustrated magazine naturally centers in the pictures, and we think this is especially true of a photographic magazine. As it is natural to look for ideas in the work of others, we try to select for our illustrations, examples of a man's work that will most nearly represent his ideals and that will give to others some idea of the nature of the work that has contributed to his success.

Next to interest in the pictures is the interest they arouse in the man who made them, his personality, his methods and the material he uses.

Mr. Pasquale S. Culotta is one of Baltimore's youngest yet most successful photographers. He has built up an excellent business from a very modest beginning and has well earned the success he has achieved.

We would judge that Mr. Culotta's work has been largely influenced by the several years art education which gave him a fundamental knowledge of what a good portrait should be. His portraits show that he not only knows, but is equally well able to apply his knowledge of art to the productions of his camera.

A further indication of the influence of his early training is shown by the fact that his very excellent business is, what we might term, of the exclusive sort. His appeal has always been to a class of patrons who thought of quality rather than price - who sought the artistic and knew when they had found it. There are many roads to financial success, but this is certainly one of the most difficult ones.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Pasquale S. Culotta Baltimore, Md.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Pasquale S. Culotta Baltimore, Md.

Mr. Culotta is always pleased to meet and discuss his methods with other photographers, and is a very pleasing man to meet. His new studio is very complete, and it may be interesting to mention that he uses artificial light exclusively. One or several 1000 watt lamps are used, depending upon the effect that is to be produced. He favors reasonably soft focus effects, and while he puts a certain amount of his own individuality into his work, he always strives to portray the characteristics and individuality of his sitter.

As for the material he uses exclusively, both for studio and home portraiture, we can do no better than use Mr. Culotta's own words:

"For my negatives, I find nothing which can take the place of Portrait Films. They have every good quality that science and art have been able to produce, and I also find Artura Iris the only medium which registers fully what I endeavor to see in my subjects.

"I would ask that you accept my sincere thanks and keen appreciation for your efforts in giving the profession such productions."