When the photographs you make are sold at a fairly estimated profit, the only way you can reduce the overhead is to increase the number of your orders or to increase the size of them, in either case reducing the percentage of the estimated overhead cost.

Forgetting for a moment the various ways that may be devised to increase the number of customers, we would suggest that there is a very good way of increasing the orders of the customers you now have.

When you have made several excellent portraits of a person, choose the one that has pleased your patron particularly well and make an enlargement of fair size. At the time you deliver the order of small prints, show the larger print which you have embossed and slipped into a folder.

"No, the large print was not ordered, but we were making several large prints and as you liked this portrait and we think it is an excellent example of our work, we made the large print. If you do not care for it we would like permission to use it in our display."

If your judgment is good, however, you will make enough extra sales to materially lower your overhead. We have heard of photographers who did enough extra business in enlargements to pay the entire overhead expense of the studio. When this can be done the regular profits are materially increased, as costs are then reduced to actual labor and materials.

It is a simple matter to make enlargements and finish them the same as contact prints. If you do not have an enlarging outfit you may have practically all that is necessary to make one. We have a new edition of our booklet, "Enlarging for the Professional Photographer," and will be glad to send you a copy on request and to supply any further information that may be desired.

Put in an enlarging plant and make the sale of large prints cut down your "overhead."

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank TV, Schaldenbrand Detroit, Mich.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank TV, Schaldenbrand Detroit, Mich.

December. News Of The National Association

A number of the New England photographers suggested the competitive exhibition of photographs to be held at the next Convention of the P. A. of A., Chartered Association against Chartered Association, entries to be made as representing Associations and not individuals. Such a contest should draw some good exhibits.

The Trophy, valued at $250, when won twice by any one Association, to become its permanent property.

Suggested Rules For Governing The Competition

1. Not less than forty photographs - framed or unframed - selected from the work of twelve or more members of each competing Amalgamated (or Chartered) Association shall comprise the official entry of such Association.

2. Photographers whose work is chosen, must be active members of their Association, in good standing, and also active members of the P. A. of A.

3. Each photographer whose work is chosen to represent his association shall not have more than six nor less than two prints in his Association exhibit-group, and such prints must be wholly the product of the individual studio exhibiting.

4. The National Association shall assist the exhibitors in every way possible and shall guarantee impartial distribution of light and space for the exhibit-groups.

5. A Certificate of Award shall be given by the P. A. of A. to each contributor in the exhibit-group winning the Trophy.

6. The Executive Board of the P. A. of A. shall formulate such method of procedure of judging the exhibit-groups as to ensure an impartial and equitable awarding of the Trophy.

Suggested Rules For Governing The Competition StudioLightMagazine1919 282