AMBITION is defined in the dictionaries as an ardent desire for distinction, but ardent desires, alone, don't go very far towards making a man successful.

Ambition combined with hard work keeps a man's hand on the inside knob of the door so that when opportunity knocks the door is flung open and old mister opportunity falls through the entrance into the open arms of the man who is on the job, looking for him.

Albert A. Nicolas is just such a man. It isn't so many years ago that he bought a studio in Kane, Pa., a town of a little more than seven thousand population. He soon needed larger quarters so took two additional rooms. Then the entire ground floor on a prominent main street corner was made into a studio which answered only until a beautiful residence studio, a glimpse of which we show, could be built.

Mr. Nicolas believes that his present quarters leave little to be desired in studio comfort, convenience and general arrangement. And from the work he is producing we would say the conditions are almost ideal.

While the studio is a residence studio it is just around the corner from the main street which, in a small town, is even better than the main street location.

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While almost any home portrait effect can be secured in this studio Mr. Nicolas also goes into the homes of his patrons. He doesn't wait for them to come to him, as much as he may prefer studio work. As he puts it: '"There are many families who might miss the pleasure of having my pictures if I didn't go and insist on it. So I follow the advice of Mahomet and go to the mountain rather than wait for it to come to me."

Mr. Nicolas claims three hobbies: flashlight, child portraiture and super speed film. "We thought film was wonderfully fast and when the super was announced could hardly believe it would have any advantage over par speed. We tried it, found it much faster with as good quality and have used it ever since."

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Albert A. Nicolas Kane, Pa.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Albert A. Nicolas Kane, Pa.

"Do you advertise?" we asked. "Certainly we advertise, just the same as we give our car engine a regular change of oil. Things run more smoothly and business doesn't carbonize."

Mr. Nicolas believes that many a photographer's loss of enthusiasm is through doing work too cheaply. "Doing work at a fair profit keeps us in a frame of mind to welcome every caller," is his way of putting it.

This little story of the Nicolas Studio would not be complete, however, without mention of the splendid assistant who is receptionist, painter, air brush artist and general adviser to the whole force. Mrs. Nicolas believes there is nothing too good for the customer and keeps the whole force on its toes seeing that customers get what they want. And this we believe is a vital factor in the success of any studio - a service that is due the customer.