An idle display case is like a vacant house. The longer it is idle the greater the loss to its owner.

And if the display case isn't changed often it's like a piece of local news. You don't mind reading it once but it soon gets stale. Make your display talk. Pictures are the universal language, they are interesting and they speak business for you if you don't allow them to repeat too often.

Make enough sample prints at one time for several displays - then it will be easy to change them provided the display case isn't nailed up for the winter.

Don't use too many pictures. One good picture in an attractive setting will get more attention than a dozen good pictures poorly displayed.

Why shouldn't you make the trim of your display case seasonal? The setting often helps to suggest pictures for a certain occasion. A Thanksgiving Day display may suggest photographs for the home folks, and holly and red ribbons and other Christmas trimmings will help to suggest photographs to solve the gift problems of Christmas time.

Then when you advertise, tie up your advertising with your display and make them work together. You can pull harder with two strings.

Make use of the advertisement on page 26.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.

Your Display Case StudioLightMagazine1922 267Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.

Frame Your Christmas Portraits

PERHAPS half of every order of portraits you deliver during November and December will be used for Christmas presents. Which recalls the oft-repeated truth that a gift photograph isn't complete unless it has a frame. You're more familiar with that fact than your customers are, so it's up to you to suggest it to them.

An effective way to stage the sale of frames is to have one fixed up with a quick-detachable back for demonstration use at the counter. When you deliver an order of portraits, slip one into the demonstration frame and the customer will quickly be convinced.

Of course you can't sell a frame for every print, but those that go to relatives and close friends should be put under glass so that they can take their places on the wall or library table immediately. Otherwise the recipient has to buy the frame himself, which discounts his gratitude for the gift.

You may also point out to customers that the frame not only adds to the richness of the present but that it enhances its artistic qualities by setting off the print from its surroundings. Press these reasons why gift pictures should be framed and try to sell at least one with every order you deliver from now to Christmas. Your profit is a dollar or more on every frame and, as a rule, your stock house sells them.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.

December 1922 Vol. 14 No. 10. Between Now And The New Year

IT's a busy time, between now and January 1, but you don't want your business to drop with a dull thud after Christmas.

Before you get too busy, plan your advertising to immediately follow Christmas. A lot of people are going to give photographs at Christmas time. There is always the opportunity for those who receive photographs at Christmas time to reciprocate with photographs at New Year's or shortly afterwards.

But you must make the suggestion. People have good intentions - they think they will have pictures made, and then they put it off and finally forget.

They need reminders and you can and must remind them. Your display case is very important. It will make people think of their obligations but it must first of all attract, and this it will not do if it contains a stale display.

It's an easy matter to make a New Year's display. A neatly lettered card for the center of the case, reading is enough to give the proper suggestion. For the rest you must depend upon the display itself.

Choose the most attractive pictures for samples. Also choose pictures of people who are fairly well known and socially prominent.

If you can manage to photograph the most popular girls, boys, women and men in your town and can let it be known through your displays, you will have no trouble in getting their following into your studio. But you must not neglect to advertise especially when a dull season seems at hand.