The rotogravure section of a newspaper offers very choice advertising space because the advertiser can use photographs for illustrations and feel reasonably sure that they will be well reproduced, especially if they are good snappy pictures.

Newspapers, however, have some difficulty in securing attractive advertisements for these sections partly because advertisers do not always have suitable photographs to go with their advertising. Here is an opportunity for the wide awake commercial photographer to cooperate with the advertising manager of the rotogravure section.

But the particular stunt we are speaking of brought business to the portrait photographer and could be suggested by a portrait photographer to any paper using rotogravure.

The advertising manager of the Middletown Ohio Journal conceived the idea of splitting the last page of his newsgravure section into one inch spaces, each one column wide, making each space 1 x 2 1/4 inches.

The page was headed: "Leading Middletown Business and Professional People" and each space was to contain a photograph of the advertiser and about six or eight lines of text indicating the nature of his or her business.

This particular news page was just one-half the regular size, 11 x 16 1/2 inches, four columns wide and contained fifty-six of these spaces which were easily sold at $1.25 for each insertion for 52 weeks. Of course some professional people took two or four spaces but these were arranged in a way to nicely balance one another on the page.

There were forty-five portraits used and the page was very attractive and pleased the advertisers. But the remarkable thing was that only one out of eight of the people solicited had photographs of themselves that could be used. One man admitted that his photograph had not been made for twenty-five years.

The advertising manager kept two photographers busy making pictures for him and suggests that this might be a good way for photographers to get business.

Why not suggest such a page of illustrated business cards to your local newspaper manager, provided, of course that he publishes a rotogravure section?

The advantage to you is that you can claim the photographic work for having made the suggestion and you should be able to get a number of good orders in a perfectly legitimate way.

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By Charles L. Peck Buffalo, N. Y.

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