More and more is the photog-rapher's studio coming to appeal to its patrons and prospective patrons by its attractiveness and individuality of structural design.

Already there are a great number of residence studios that are distinctive - that are made to appeal to one's artistic sense without in any way sacrificing utility.In fact, the studio that from necessity is made to adapt itself to its commercial surroundings is more often the one that is made to sacrifice convenience.

But there is really more to the idea of setting the studio apart from commercial surroundings than merely to gain the conveniences that one can build into a studio designed specially for photographic work. There is greater privacy - there is more of the atmosphere of a home of refinement and there is more opportunity to make the studio and its surroundings beautiful, all of which materially adds to the advertising value of a so-called residence studio.

By residence studio we do not necessarily mean a combination of residence and studio, though such an arrangement is often quite satisfactory if the two are kept apart. If the space devoted to studio and work rooms is sample,as it should be, and the location is in a good residential section, all of the things we have mentioned will give it a prestige that is of very great value.

Our illustrations show the studio of Mr. A. Shepherdson, Melrose, Mass. and we think they will be of interest to a great many photographers whose ambition is to sometime build for themselves just such a studio, incorporating in it all of their pet ideas of what a studio should be.

We are sorry we do not have the space to show a number of views of this very attractive building, its grounds and interior. It has a beautiful flower garden in the rear, and as will be seen, a very attractive entrance which opens into the reception room. This room has high casement windows, wall cases of craftsman design to match the furniture, wood paneled walls, built-in seats and convenient tables for showing samples of portraits and frames.

From the reception room there is a wide stairway to the large light room where one finds the arrangements as complete and as comfortable as on the lower floor. There is apparatus for the use of both artificial and daylight including both motion picture camera and projector, a fine skylight, modern dressing rooms, cozy window seats and ample work rooms.

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Reception Room of the Shepherdson Studio

After a wide experience in photographic work Mr. Shepherdson located in Melrose in 1900, buying a small studio a good distance from the business section on the edge of a small pond in the midst of a number of ice houses. Five years later the studio shown in our illustration was built the ice houses have been replaced by a beautiful park and esplanade and the Shepherdson Studio does its part toward beautifying the landscape.

Our cover illustration as well as several others gives some idea of the excellent work produced by this studio. Mr. Shepherdson says: "'I have tried to give my customers good, honest work at reasonable prices. I have tried to keep abreast of the times without going to extremes. I use Eastman Films and Artura paper in order to get the best possible results. Now. however. I am changing to Vitava, Old Master for my larger work, which to my mind, makes wonderfully pleasing pictures." And Mr. Shcpherdson's progressiveness is reflected in his work.

Under ordinary or under unusual conditions of light

Super Speed Portrait Film meets the most exacting requirements of portraiture.

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By. A. Shepherdson Melrose, Mas.