IF every photographer in the United States were to mail 250 pieces of advertising matter to carefully selected lists of prospective customers during November, the total number of people reached by this effort would still fall short of the total number of prospects who will read the full page "There's a photographer in your town" advertisements in the Saturday Evening Post and Woman's Home Companion. The circulation of these two magazines is well over four millions.

Look over these two magazines and see if you could very well miss those full pages. The Post ad. appears November 17th and the December Woman's Home Companion is on the news stands November 20th. See how easy it is to read the small amount of text surrounded by that great lot of white space.

And then just read that slogan a few times. It tells the whole story. If the page were filled with words it wouldn't mean any more and it would not be read by half so many people.

We reproduced the advertisement last month because a lot of our readers like to use the same copy in their local advertising. The constant repetition of a fact such as the one stated in this advertisement will make people think and want photographs.

And if the advertisements are seen in the national magazines and make people think in a general way of photographs, seeing the same identical advertisement in a local paper will create the desire for photographs all the more quickly. And your signature and address and telephone number will supply all the information needed to bring the business directly to the sales room of your studio.

In planning your advertising for the holiday season, or any other season for that matter, bear in mind that mere advertising space filled with your name and address and such a passive phrase as Fine Portraiture, or Portraits That Please, or Smith Makes Good Portraits, is not printed salesmanship.

An advertisement must in some way attract attention.

It must be short and snappy and printed in very legible type so that it will be easy to read.

You must say something in the first sentence that is to the point and that will arouse interest in anything further that you may have to say.

And above all things you must suggest why photographs are desirable.

Of course the gift appeal is the big desire creating argument at Christmas time. Every reader has a receptive mind because the gift question looms big. There are always people for whom it is very hard to select suitable gifts and for these especially the idea of photographs will appeal because no other gift is quite so personal.

Let your advertising follow these simple rules and it will produce results. Let it fail in any of these and it will fall short of its purpose which is to bring people into your studio with a desire for the portraits you can make for them.

Portraits for Christmas

Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph. Phone your photographer now.

There's a photographer in your town Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

This advertising message will appear as a full page in the Saturday Evening Post of November 17th and the Woman's Home Companion for December which is on the news stands November 20th. The combined circulation of these two magazines is over four million. Place one of the magazines, opened to this advertisement, in your display case.

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By D. D. Spellman Detroit, Mich.

Christmas Advertising For Your Studio StudioLightMagazine1923 268

The Spellman Studio, Detroit, Mich.