"Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel, "And shining morning face, creeping like snail "Unwillingly to school." Shakespeare

However colorful one's career may be, seldom does he feel the importance of his role more than when at the age of six or seven he starts in at school.

Then for the first time he gets away from the family's solicitous supervision and has to adapt himself to a new regime which, with variations, is to govern his affairs for ten or fifteen years to come.

It's a big event for the youngster when he kisses his mother goodbye and trudges bravely off to enlist in the primer class at the school house down the street. It's a big event for his parents, too. No longer are they his sole mentors and tutors; they must surrender his discipline and education to other hands now. All of which makes them realize that this school lad isn't the baby of last year and that he'll soon be galloping through the grades and into long pants.Could any circumstance be more auspicious for the portrait photographer than the sentimental situation that arises when the youngster starts to school?

You can probably get the names of parents who are represented in the primer class. Then write each family a sales letter, suggesting that a sitting be arranged. Make the letter quite personal, introducing the child's name if possible. Perhaps you can use the following form as a basis.

"Now that Arthur has started to school you probably realize how fast he's growing up. Only yesterday he was learning to walk - before long he'll be as big as his father. His appearance and his interests change each year.

"You'd always prize a portrait of him, a good, natural likeness that shows how he looks to-day. For entering school is one of those experiences that he won't repeat, as long as he lives.

"Let's make a record of him at this important period. Let's get a picture that will preserve accurately and forever his first-day-at-school appearance.

"You can have an appointment for him Saturday morning it' you'll telephone about it now. The number is Main 670."

On page 26 you will find copy and cut for an ad which will fit in with this idea. Use them.

Prospects In The Primer Class StudioLightMagazine1923 223


From National Convention.Portrait Film Exhibit.

Prospects In The Primer Class StudioLightMagazine1923 225


From National Convention. Portrait Film Exhibit.

New Model Of Eastman Print Washer

IT has been the experience of the majority of large amateur finishers that prints are handled most efficiently in comparatively small batches of not more than 200 prints, and the Eastman Print Washer has been built with this idea in mind. Such a washer requires the minimum of power and where several washers are operated in series one motor will drive four machines which will keep as many as 800 prints in constant motion. With such an arrangement, by the time the fourth batch of prints has been put to wash the first will usually be ready for drying, so the washer can be emptied and be ready to receive a new lot of prints, in this way keeping all four machines busy during the entire time the finishing department is operating.

The Eastman Print Washer is supported on a cast iron standard giving it a height of 45 1/2 inches, or if it is desired to install it on a table or in a sink the lower half of the standard may be removed, reducing the height to 31 1/2 inches.

In the new model washer the entire cage or drum is stamped from sheets of galvanized iron, the perforations being flat and smooth so that they do not catch the prints. The drum revolves on ball bearings resting in cups and the driving mechanism is entirely

New Model Of Eastman Print Washer StudioLightMagazine1923 227

Improved Eastman Print Washer outside the tank. There are no stuffing boxes that must be kept tight and no danger of leaks as the only openings in the tank are for the intake and overflow of water. The driving shaft which is back of the washer is connected with the motor and also with a friction pulley by belts, the pulley resting on the edge of the washing drum and keeping it in motion. By the simple adjustment of a connecting shaft, one, two or three additional washers may be set in line with the motor driven unit and operated by the one motor at a con-

New Model Of Eastman Print Washer StudioLightMagazine1923 228


From National Convention. Portrait Film Exhibit.

New Model Of Eastman Print Washer StudioLightMagazine1923 230


From National Convention,Portrait Film Exhibit con siderable saving in power and original outlay for the equipment itself.

The price of the Eastman Print Washer complete with 110 volt motor is $90.00. Additional washers without motors but with driving shaft and connections for attachment to a motor driven unit are $75.00 each. The price of the washer with 220 volt motor will be supplied on request.