Old Master Surface of Eastman Portrait Bromide that very distinctive paper surface, "Old Master", which created a sensation and gained immediate popularity as one of the surfaces of Vitava papers, is now being furnished in Eastman Portrait Bromide.

Vitava, Old Master, was an instantaneous success. Its pleasing and artistic texture appealed alike to the photographer and the picture buying public. It is not a freak surface - not a mere novelty, but it is decidedly different and wherever it has been used it has stimulated the sale of contact prints.

Now that it may he had in Eastman Portrait Bromide it will also stimulate the sale of the enlargement or projected print.

Portrait Bromide in itself is an unusual paper. It has exceptional quality and is made with special reference to the requirements of portrait enlarging.

With Portrait Bromide you can duplicate the quality of the contact print. And now that the Old Master surface is available you can also duplicate the most popular contact surface. The result should be a considerable increase in the sale of large prints.

If you are skeptical as to the quality of large prints that can be made on Portrait Bromide, it is because you have not used this comparatively new paper and do not realize that it differs considerably from ordinary Bromide paper.

It is slightly slower than other Bromide papers, but this is due to the unusual quality of the emulsion and is really an advantage where work of the highest quality is to be produced.Portrait Bromide, including the new surface, is very easy to manipulate and gives prints having wonderful brilliance and richness of tone. It also produces excellent sepia tones by the simple process of re-development and these tones are quickly and easily secured and are uniform in quality as well.

The Old Master surface is ideal for oil coloring, the texture of the paper lending a special charm and effectiveness to the print that is colored by this process.

Portrait Bromide is furnished only in Double Weight and the new surface is supplied in two stocks - M White, Old Master and O Buff. Old Master. The prices are the same as for other surfaces of Portrait Bromide and your dealer can supply you.

A Happy And Prosperous New Year

THE ancient Greek mourned the close of the day in which he had failed to gain immortality, but the next morning expressed his thankfulness for another day which gave him the opportunity to gain what he had failed to accomplish before.

Another year has passed and it has been more or less successful, depending largely upon the optimism of the individual and the effort he has put forth. There may have been spots in which business was below normal, owing to local conditions, but on the whole the photographic business has shown a decided improvement.

Whatever conditions may have been does not matter - we are beginning a new year and in this year we have the opportunity to gain what we have not before accomplished.

It should be a year of development in salesmanship. Christmas advertising has demonstrated its value, and what is true of the Christmas season is true of any other time of year.

It takes more effort to keep the business coming in the off seasons, hut it is this effort that will eventually do away with quiet seasons and keep business coining in a steady flow, which after all is the real secret of making a business profitable.

The big argument for the photograph is its wonderful appeal to sentiment. There are gifts to be made at every season of the year, and with the parents of children, especially, the record of growth and development of the child makes photographs a necessity.

Develop your salesmanship opportunities and you will have the happy and prosperous new year that we wish you.