Portrait Film has come into such general use in its ten years of existence that the user of plates has actually come to be the exception rather than the rule. The first Film users were progressive photographers who could see the real value of the qualities claimed for Film but who were also conservative enough to feel their way. The fact that they are still Film users is proof of the fact that they have found its quality has brought them a long step nearer to the attainment of their ideals.

Film has long since arrived. It has created a new international standard of quality. And if by chance you are not yet a Film user you have but to ask any one who has had Film experience to be convinced that it will help you to attain better and more uniformly satisfactory results.Photography is a medium for expressing either the commonplace or the artistic. What that expression may be depends upon the ability of the photographer.

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By Fernand de Gueldre Chicago, III.

Interest in a picture of the children that is made today, grows as they grow.

Phone Main 245 today for an appointment.

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The photographer in your town


Line Cut No. 308. Price 30 Cents

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By Francis J. Sipprell Buffalo, N.Y.


Over Two Million Pages Of Advertising For You

Over two million pages of advertising to boost portrait photography in June. That's pretty big circulation and the best of it is that it is just as far reaching as it is big.

As you will see by the small reproduction of the copy which we show on page 5, it is specially appropriate for June. But you will also note that it is sufficiently general in nature to suggest photographs to others than the bride or graduate.This advertisement will appear as a full page both in June Pictorial Review out May loth, and June 1st Vogue so that it's timed to a nicety.

There are few magazines that have a more general circulation among women readers and it is generally conceded that several people read every one of these magazines that go into a home, so the actual number of readers is considerably more than two million.

You will probably be agreeably surprised to learn the exact circulation of these magazines in your own town, and you can be sure it is large enough to be of real benefit to you in your business, especially if you supplement it with suitable advertising of your own.

Being photographed never did require an occasion. Certain occasions do suggest photographs more forcibly than others, however, because they mark events of importance in people's lives.

We are playing our advertising up to two of these occasions - the wedding and the graduation, because we know that the seed we are sowing will fall in soil that is specially fertile.This is not an argument for sporadic advertising,however,and it does not follow that yon will get a lot of business from this advertising with no effort whatever on your part. You will get some benefit, to be sure, but you will get much more if you advertise that you are the photographer in your town.

When this advertising is read and the reader is influenced by it, the first thought is: "Where will we have the photographs made?" This is where the importance of your advertising comes in.

Our advertising will create a desire for photographs, but it can't point to your studio; it must of necessity be the same as though you were to advertise without adding the name of your studio, your address or your telephone number to your copy.You must connect this national advertising to your studio by your local advertising. And you should advertise locally, not only on special occasion, but continuously, at regular intervals, so that whenever a person thinks of photographs he will also think of you or your studio.

So with Easter out of the way the consistent advertiser does not sit tight and wait for an occasion, but begins to suggest that the giving of a portrait doesn't need an occasion.

You will notice that we have played up this point in our copy. It will be read by hundreds of thousands of women and the business it brings will not be confined to brides and girl and boy graduates whom fond mothers will insist on having photographed. It will remind mother that she needs a new photograph - that father hasn't been to the photographer for a year or so and that the children would like a portrait of grandma.

photograph of a smiling girl

Advertising will bring business to you at any time, but here is an opportunity to make your appeal doubly strong. Use our copy, if you like, with your signature substituted, or write your own copy if you wish to make your appeal different. Our only wish is to have you get as much benefit as possible from this publicity - to direct the business to your studio.

Retouching is an aid to photography just so long as it is used only to correct defects. Spare the pencil and save the likeness and expression.

The bride or graduate will make an appointment with her photographer as a matter of course.

Not that the giving of a portrait needs an occasion. At any time it's a gentle, graceful way of acknowledging friendships.

There's a photographer in your town

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.