The aim of this book is to answer as clearly as possible many of the enquiries that are addressed to us from day to day in the course of our business. The majority of people to whom the fascination of the photographic process appeals on one ground or another, do not want to examine too minutely its scientific side. The print, or maybe the lantern slide, is the object of their quest, and the number of grains of silver contained in the emulsion of plate or film is of little importance, provided there is enough to give a good negative on development. They are content to know the general principles underlying a process if it leads to better work, but are prepared to leave the details to the specialist. Consequently we have tried to embody just so much of the science as will help the reader to make the best possible negative on the first stage of his journey, and to attain the goal of perfect print, or transparency, or enlargement.


EXCAVATIONS IN EGYPT. Taken with the Sinclair "Una" Camera by the Earl of Carnarvon.