New Edition of

Dickens's Works.

The Biographical Edition.

In 18 Vols., Large Crown 8vo, Price 3s. 6d. each.

This Edition will contain Biographical Introductions in each book, giving its history and place in Dickens's life. The Introductions will not be technical or bibliographical, but aim at brevity and the narrative note, telling a story rather than arraying documents. The Illustrations are specially reproduced for this edition from the original editions, new blocks having been made for the purpose. The Cover, with a full gold back, is from a design by W. B. Macdougall. The Volumes will be issued at the rate of Two a Month in Chronological Order. Full Prospectus on Application. The First Eight Volumes will be: 1. Sketches By Boz. With 40 Illustrations by George Crutkshank. [Sept. 15.

2. The Pickwick Papers. With 43 Illustrations by Seymour and Phiz. [Sept. 15.

3. Oliver Twist. With 24 Illustrations by George Cruikshank. [Oct. 15.

4. Nicholas Nickleby. With 40 Illustrations by Phiz. [Oct. 15.

5. The Old Curiosity Shop. With 75 Illustrations by George Cattermole and Phiz.

[Nov. 17.

6. Barnaby Rudge. With 78 Illustrations by George Cattermole and Phiz. [Nov. 17.

7. American Notes; Pictures From Italy; and A Child's History Of England. With 16 Illustrations by Marcus Stone, etc. [Dec. 15.

8. Martin Chuzzlewit. With 40 Illustrations by Phiz. [Dec. 15

A New Edition of Carlyle's Works.

In Cloth, 2s. net per Vol. In Leather, 2s. 6d. net per Vol.

The Edinburgh Edition, On India Paper, of

The Works of Thomas Carlyle.

Messrs. Chapman & Hall, who alone possess the right to publish Complete Copyright Editions of the Works of Thomas Carltle, have much pleasure in announcing the Issue of a Handy and Delicate Edition upon a specially-made quality of Indian Paper, so delicate that, while the Edition will be printed in an admirably clear type, the whole of The French Revolution, consisting of nearly 800 pages, will be comprised in a single volume of about half an inch in thickness. The Publishers believe that, for general convenience, combined with elegance and taste, this Copyright Edition will be found to stand entirely without a rival. The following will be the First Volumes issued, each containing a Frontispiece Portrait:In One Volume. Ready.

The French Revolution: A History.

In One Volume. Ready.

sartor resartus; on heroes, hero worship, and the heroic in history; past and present.

In One Volume. The Life Of Schiller, and The Life Of John Sterling.

In Three Volumes. Critical And Miscellaneous Essays J Early Kings Of Norway;

The Portrait Of John Knox. Other Volumes to be announced.

Illustrated Booklets. Post Free, 2d. each.

Thomas Carlyle : a Brief Account of his Life and Writings. With upwards of 40 Portraits, Illustrations, etc.

Charles Dickens : Some Notes on his Life and Writings. With upwards of 40 Portraits, Illustrations, etc.

Samuel Richardson and the Influence of his Novels. With Portrait and Illustrations.