[These corrections, though mostly contained in other parts of the Manual, are also needed in the places here indicated.]

19th page, 7th line, after " 13" insert a star referring to this
           note: "See note to  61."
50th  ''   2d line of last note, omit all after "reconsideration."
51st  ''   at end of 12th line, insert "upon another day."
 ''   ''   10th line, insert a star, referring to this note: "In
           Congress the effect always terminates with the session,
           and it cannot be called up by any one but the mover,
           until the expiration of the time during which it is in
           order to move a reconsideration."
69th  ''   4th line, after " 34," insert "or limiting or closing debate."
72d   ''   17th line, insert a star referring to this note:
           "If both are personally interested. [See p. 161.]"
73d   ''   last line of note, insert "final" before "vote."
80th  ''   add to the list in  39 the motion
           "To make a special order."