The compiler's motive in presenting this little work to the public, is a firm conviction that it will be found extensively useful, especially to those who have not leisure to peruse and study more elaborate publications on the subject. He begs to say that he has strenuously aimed at simplicity of style, and clearness of arrangement, so that every point laid down in theory, may be easily comprehended, and as readily applied in practice.

The compiler is indebted, for authorities, to Jefferson's Manual, Cushing's Manual, the Congressional and Legislative Manuals, by Mr. Sutherland, and the British authors quoted in those works.

As all these works, however, are only applicable, in general, to Legislative, bodies, being too diffuse and complicated for the use of Societies, Boards of Managers, etc, it is believed that the present work will be found eminently serviceable to the public, without at all underrating the merits, or trespassing upon the claims, of other and more extended publications.