It is recommended in the warmest manner by the Speakers of the Senate and House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, and by a number of the leading members of the Legislature. A more useful publication has not been issued for a long time. We commend it in the most cordial manner. - Inquirer.

The obvious utility of this work will guarantee its extensive circulation. - The Sun.

Will be found most useful to politicians and citizens generally, on account of its simplified parliamentary directions. - Pennsylvanian.

This work has been carefully edited, and contains precedents from the Manuals of Jefferson, Cushing. Sutherland and others, and is of great value to all who desire to take part in public assemblies of every kind. - Spirit of the Times

This is a very useful work, and should be in the hands of every man who wishes to qualify himself for any of the duties enumerated in the title, that he may at times be called upon to perform. - Chronicle.

This modest volume contains a full fruit of observation and experience, and is what it purports to be, a manual for those who desire to familiarize themselves with the details of legislative or deliberative business. The compiler, Benj. Matthias, Esq., a member of our Legislature, has performed his task with great simplicity and comprehensiveness of manner, and by his perfect knowledge of his subject, has been enabled to condense into brief space, what others, less informed, would have filled a bulky volume with.

The arrangement is clear and exact, the reference to any particular portion easy, and the citations of examples to illustrate obscure or unusual modes of proceeding, apposite and luminous. As there are but few persons who are not at some period or other, called to preside over deliberative bodies of some kind or other, so it will be well to have at hand a means of satisfying doubts in legislative practice, such as Mr. Matthias's Manual affords. - U. S. Gazette.

Would recommend its careful perusal and study to those who may be called to preside over deliberative bodies.- Native Eagle.

It is really a very useful book, and should be in the possession of every member of a corporation throughout the State, and, indeed, every member of a deliberate body should study its pages - Democratic Union.

It is based on the rules of the Pennsylvania Legislature, and is certainly a most valuable and useful work. Mr. Matthias is entitled to much credit, for giving us a book so much needed, and in a cheap and compact form. - Harrisburg Reporter.

We should think such a work would be very useful, and the necessity of the knowledge it contains, ensure a ready and extensive sale. - Harrisburg Argus.

It is arranged under different heads, is brief and comprehensive, and cannot fail to prove eminently useful to the public. Any person of ordinary intelligence, with a copy of this work at hand, may make himself competent to take part in or preside over a deliberative body, and determine questions of order with ease and precision. - Pennsylvania Intelligencer.