I fully concur in the above opinion.

J. Ziegler, Assist. Clerk of Senate.

From the Hon. Findley Patterson, of Armstrong County, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

House of Representatives, Harrisburg, April 4th, 1846.

Dear Sir:- I have carefully examined your Manual for conducting business in deliberative bodies - and do not hesitate in pronouncing it an excellent little work - just such as is called for in every community; and every person who is in the habit of participating in the proceedings of public meetings or societies, should avail himself of the first opportunity to procure a copy of those excellent rules, which have been so well compiled. Yours truly,

B. Matthias, Esq. Findley Patterson.

From Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

House of Representatives, Harrisburg, March 28th, 1846.

This plain and familiar treatise on the rules of order and the proper mode of conducting business in deliberative assemblies, will be found highly useful to those who may be called upon to preside over, or to participate in the proceedings of public meetings and other organised bodies.

The Manuals of Jefferson and Sutherland relate mainly to Legislative practice; - a work like the present is much wanted, which will apply to meetings on public affairs, societies, boards of managers, and all deliberative associations.

The rules laid down in it are in accordance with approved and established parliamentary practice ; the arrangement is judicious, and the whole is presented and explained in so clear and perspicuous a manner as to be easily understood by those for whose use it is intended.

Cha8. B. Trego, J. G. Shuman, Thos. Nicholson, George R. Haymaker


Rich. Donaldson, George Bachman, Peter Snydkr, James Starr, Wm. Merrif1eld, Robert James. John M. Pumroy, Thos. G. Connor, John R. Edie, John Lark1n, Jr., M. Dan Magehan, Ed. Y. Bright, Daniel Rider, R. T. Galloway, Benjamin Hill, Davvson Wads Worth, T.J. Big Ham. Danl. Mccurdy, Robert Mcclelland, H. L. Patterson, L. Robinson. Michael Worm An, James Tagg Art, A. M. Hill, Jno. Stewart, Wm. M. Armstrong, Benj. Bartholomew, George Boyer, H. G. Stetler, Wm. W. Haly, A. H Van Hoff, Henry Dotts, George Ladley, Jesse Samuels, Reuben Strouss, Robert Barber. Jas. V. Boughner, Thomas C. Steel, Joseph Gray, G. S. Murphy, J. H. Mccrum, M. Keller. Jno. C. Kunkel, John Mcfarland, J. M. Means, Thos. Fernon, B. T Hallo Well, P. D.Thomas, Joseph Eneu, G. Morrison, Thomas Pomeroy, Jacob Mccurley, A. H1lands, Jas. Clarke, John Rupert, John L. Webb, Schuyler Fassitt, D.Thomas. H. M. Brackenridge. F. W. Weest, V. E. Piollet, Charles Levan, Geo. Chesnut, John Kline, Alexander Power, Alex. G Win. John Bassler, Chris. Bentz, John C. Knox, James Burns, Jr., E. Owen, John Brough, Thomas B. Jacobs, Jas. Burnside, J. M. Burrell, Thos. H. Forsyth, Thos. A. Funston, A. A. Stewart, William Price, Wm. Mcabee, Joseph Cross.

From Theo. D. Cochran, Esq., Member of the House of Representatives, from Lancaster county.

Harrisburg, April 2d, 1846.

Dear Sir: - I have examined, with much pleasure, your little work - " Rules of Order" - and think that it is most admirable in conception and design. Something of this sort has long been needed, and I am really glad that you have published this volume. It is a plain statement of rules necessary to regulate the proceedings of deliberative bodies, town meetings, societies, etc, and is written in a familiar style, so that it can readily be understood by all. The work should be in the hands of the leading citizens of every town and village in the land. Sincerely, your friend,

B. Matthias, Esq. Theo. D. Cochran.

From J. B. Johnson, Esq., Member of the House of Repre-sentatives, from Erie County.

House of Representatives, Harrisburg, April 3d, 1846.

Dear Sir: - I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a copy of your Manual or Treatise, on Rules of Order for the regulation and government of deliberative assemblies, for which you will please accept my unfeigned thanks. I have examined the work with considerable attention and care, and unhesitatingly pronounce it, in my opinion, one of much merit. It is concise and perspicuous, and in every respect, according to my judgment, admirably adapted to the purposes for which it is designed. It will certainly prove an invaluable acquisition to Boards of Council and Aldermen of incorporated towns; to literary and other associations - especially those connected with Colleges and Academies, as well as to persons of various other business relations.

Please accept assurances of my sincere regard, and be lieve me yours, and respectfully, J. B. Johnson.

B. Matthias, Esq.

From the Clerk and Assistant Clerk of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

House of Representatives, Harrisburg, April 1st, 1846.

We have carefully examined the "Manual for conducting business in Town and Ward Meetings, Societies, Boards of Directors, and other deliberative bodies," prepared by Mr. Matthias, and have no hesitation in pronouncing it an admirable work. It is plain, concise, and altogether correct in its details, and cannot fail to prove of great service in properly directing the business of meetings.

Wm Jack, Clerk, Thos. J. Gross, Assist. Clerk.


From the Hon. Joel B. Sutherland, late member of Congress, and author of the Congressional and Legislative Manuals.

Philada., May 26th, 1846.

Dear Sir: - I have carefully perused your "Manual for conducting business in town and ward meetings, etc." and take great pleasure in saying that it is a most excellent work, and is well calculated to instruct presiding officers in our popular and other meetings to execute the duties of the chair with ability and despatch.

With great respect, I remain

Your obedient servant,

J. B. Sutherland