IT IS well that you should mark again at this time our three original fundamental principles of Success-Achievement, to which we shall here add certain other principles that you must now regard as established.

I. All human achievement comes about through some form of bodily activity.

II. All bodily activity is caused, controlled and directed by the mind.

III. The mind is therefore the instrument that we must employ in the accomplishment of any purpose.

IV. You have but one mind, but it is a mind with phases of consciousness and phases of subconsciousness.

V. Your consciousness is made up in part of present sensory experiences and in part of complexes drawn from subconsciousness.

VI. Your subconsciousness is a vast mental reservoir of classified complexes made up of ideas, emotions and motor impulses.

VII. The presence of any idea in your consciousness tends simultaneously to produce an associated "feeling" and to impel you to certain appropriate muscular activities.

You now have a conception of the human mind on the order of the conceptions of physical science.

We shall show you how to make this conception of as great practical value in harnessing the forces of your own mind as any other scientific conception has been in harnessing the forces of the physical world.

The trained business mind is forever storing in its subconscious stronghold facts that will be needed and lessons to be drawn from them. It has its facts, its principles, its details of commercial transactions at instant command. It is the unfailing source of Energy, Courage, Confidence, Enthusiasm and Practical Ability. You who are beset with doubts and perplexities, with wasteful passions and unmanly fears, must train this deeper mind to set you free and to reveal greater and richer opportunities for achievement.