YOU can make or mar the Happiness of every moment. For you have within you at every moment the power to thrust before the eye of consciousness a joyous picture of attainment.

Therefore, if the past holds memories that carry with them sadness and remorse, refuse to think of them for a single instant. Drive out of your mind all memories that hold the sting of an irretrievable failure. Drive out all pictured doubts and fears and gloomy forebodings.

Quit making plans and specifications for the mausoleum in which to bury your dead hopes. Bury them now.

Run from the contaminating voice of the prophet of evil. He is the corrupter of thought. Shun the dismal croaker of defeat. He is the assassin of Victory.

There is but one way to do this. It is useless to try to avoid tasting over again the bitter fruits of the past unless your mind is fed with other foods.

Therefore, fill it completely with other thoughts, with creative thoughts, with happy thoughts. Leave no chamber in your mental dwelling untenanted, for if you do it will be haunted with the dreadful phantom of a former tragedy or the grisly specter of some passion that may drain your resources in wasteful physical excess.

Heaven and Hell are within you. Your joy, your peace, your grief and your despair - you carry them all about with you every moment of the day and night.

Just as every sensory experience you ever had was in some faint degree pleasant or distasteful, so every thought in subconsciousness has its emotional element of happiness or gloom.

Think creative thoughts with the in-tensest faith, and your path in life will be spread with the flowers of a perennial light-heartedness.

To one who has carefully followed us through all the lessons that have gone before it is needless to point out that what we are here urging upon you as the means to Happiness is nothing more nor less than Concentration - concentration in this case that will inhibit all conflicting emotions and will focus your attention upon the triumphant attainment of the thing you covet.

Turn back with us for a moment. Behold, the three paths, to Success, to Health, to Happiness, have all converged into a single broad and level highway.

In each case the conclusion was arrived at along different lines of reasoning. But you will agree that the arguments have all been consistent in logic and based upon assumptions justified by the discoveries of modern mental science.

It seems most remarkable that in every case our researches have brought us to the same door.

It is even more remarkable that our analysis of what constitutes real happiness and our analysis of the mental processes involved have brought us to know that as to Success and Happiness not only the same kind of process, but the identical procedure, is indicated.

In the pursuit of Health through Concentration, we found it necessary to concentrate the mind upon the bodily operation which it was desired to stimulate. In seeking Success and Happiness, we have learned that the same procedure is necessary - to formulate a purpose, a living desire, and then to concentrate our mental energies upon its achievement.

Here is striking evidence of the fact so often preached, that the highest hap-piness lies in the faithful pursuit of a beloved ideal.

Clearly, Success and Happiness go hand in hand, but always with the qualification emphasized in the fore part of this volume. It must be success without a sting. It must be success rightfully acquired. It must be success "without deprivation or loss to others."

For this is the only true Success. All else is a transparent sham, "a fiery crown that turns the brain to ashes."

True Happiness and true Success are flowers from the same stem. As mental concentration unites all one's energies in the concordant working of one's plans, So it yields also the mental harmony that is Happiness.

Direct your Thinking, and you are master of your fate. Steer your ship by the Compass of Concentration, and all the seas of life will tranquilly reflect the blue of the unclouded sky. Every breeze that blows will fill your sails and speed you toward your haven.

Make immediate use of the knowledge you have gained. Acquire the habit of Concentration - it is a priceless possession. It is the talisman that will bring you Health and Riches, Success and Happiness and Peace.