Forms For Tomb-Stone Inscriptions

Forms For Tomb Stone Inscriptions 720

USUAL recent wording of Tomb-Stone Inscriptions is shown in the following. In comparison, it will be seen that the modern inscription is generally much more brief than that of the olden time. Formerly it was customary to chisel in rude letters epitomized biographical histories of the deceased on the tomb-stones that marked their last resting place. Among such are many quaint, curious and foolish inscriptions that, so far as perpetuating the memories of the deceased was concerned, had better never have been engraved on the headstones.

The lesson taught in these examples is, that the more concise the inscription, the more favorably coming generations will judge of the handful of dust that lies beneath the leaning tombstone. The most approved modern forms, accompanied by epitaphs, are shown herewith, together with the correct grammatical wording and punctuation of the same. The following appropriately accompany the inscription.

Brief Epitaphs

Brief Epitaphs 721Brief Epitaphs 722Brief Epitaphs 723Brief Epitaphs 724Brief Epitaphs 725Brief Epitaphs 726Brief Epitaphs 727Brief Epitaphs 728Brief Epitaphs 729Brief Epitaphs 730Brief Epitaphs 731Brief Epitaphs 732Brief Epitaphs 733Brief Epitaphs 734Brief Epitaphs 735Brief Epitaphs 736Brief Epitaphs 737Brief Epitaphs 738Brief Epitaphs 739

She faltered by the wayside, and the Angels took her home.

The Angels called Him.

Brief Epitaphs 740

Beneath this stone, in soft repose, Is laid a mother's dearest pride;

A flower that scarce had waked to life And light and beauty, ere it died.

Brief Epitaphs 741Brief Epitaphs 742

ACED 41 Years. Oct. 4, 1872.

"I Fear not Death."

Brief Epitaphs 743

'"Tis a little grave, but O, have care, For world-wide hopes are buried there, How much of light, how much of joy, Is buried with a darling boy."

Brief Epitaphs 744Brief Epitaphs 745Brief Epitaphs 746


Brief Epitaphs 747

Born at Keene, N. H., Jan. 8, 1805.

Born into Spirit Life Sept. 6th, 1865.


Brief Epitaphs 748

December 1, 1872. Aged 36 Years.

Brief Epitaphs 749


Brief Epitaphs 750

December 25th, 1870. AGED 4 Y'S, 3 M'S $ 4 D'S.

Brief Epitaphs 751

to the Memory of

Brief Epitaphs 752


August 10, 1871. Aged 50 Years.

** I go to prepare a place for thee."

Brief Epitaphs 753


Sept. 21st, 1841.

Brief Epitaphs 754


Nov. 21st, 1872.

He Died as He Lived - a Christian.

Brief Epitaphs 755

August 15, 1869. AGED 61 Years.

A Member of the U. S. Congress for 20 Tears, he died as he lived, a pure and upright man.

Brief Epitaphs 756

Dec. 28th, 1873. Aged 92 Y's, 8 NTs.

"Farewell to thee, my bouse of clay !

Long have we two been bound together, But I forsake thy porch to-day,

And yield thee up to wind and weather. Sleep, sleep at last! thy sleep shall be My rest, my strength, my victory '."

Brief Epitaphs 757

Died October 5, 1869. AGED 61 Years.

Brief Epitaphs 758


Sept. 1st, 1872. Aged 19 Y's, 3 M's.


"Yet, though thou wear'st the glory of the iky, We Know thou' It keep the same beloved name, The same fair, thoughtful brow and gentle eye, Lovelier in heaven sweet climate, yet the same."

Brief Epitaphs 759


September 9,1872. Aged 38 Y's, 6 M's.

"O land beyond the setting sun !

O realm more fair than poet's dream ! How clear thy silvery streamlets run,

How 6right thy golden glories gleam ! For well we know that fair and bright,

Far beyond human ken or dream, Too glorious for our feeble sight.

Thy skies of cloudless azure beam."

Brief Epitaphs 760

The angels called him on a sunny day, August 15th, 1872.

AGED 5 Y'S, 6 M'S, 4 D'S.

" We shall all go home to our Father's bouse.

To our Father's house in the skies. Where the hope of our souls shall have no blight,

And our love no broken ties: We shall roam on the banks of the River of Peace.

And bathe in its blissful tide: And one of the joys of our heaven shall be,

The little boy that died."