Instant Reference

The index cards guide one very closely to the card desired and an instant's fingering of three or four cards locates it exactly.

Unlimited Growth

New cards can be inserted at any place and when the present cabinet is outgrown the cards can easily be transferred to a larger one without disturbing the records or arrangement. Better still, with a sectional cabinet simply add another section. Old material being continually removed makes room for new material.


A variety of colors and shapes of record cards and colors and sizes of guide cards makes it possible to index and classify according to a variety of subjects.

Removal Of Useless Matter

When the information recorded on any card or cards becomes useless, it may be removed and destroyed or filed in a separate index for future reference.

Re-Writing Not Required

Information recorded on a card need never be re-written, but may be transferred from index to index until it is no longer of use, when it is removed and destroyed.

Cost Of Maintaining

The original outfit is purchased but once. The expense of new cards, purchased as occasion demands, is much less than for books of equal capacity.

Absence Of Friction

A system of units - only the parts necessary are removed for use and interruptions of the user are fewer and loss of time obviated.

Increased Capacities

The labor is so subdivided that the numerous minor details may be performed by inexpensive help and the results of their labor made available for their superiors.

Encourages System

Certain and exact places are provided for every record and its entry is not neglected. Adapt it properly to meet the requirements of a business and it will automatically furnish valuable information for the guidance of employes and manager.

Use Of Card Systems

The uses to which card systems may be put are well-nigh universal. While a system in one line has many features in common with systems in other lines, yet each is distinctive in that it is subservient to demands of the particular business of which it forms a part. The details of various systems as applied to specific divisions of business follow with illustrations of the forms used. In most cases the card system is used entirely, though in some cases minor modifications are introduced.