Casualty insurance is an indemnity against loss resulting from bodily injury or the destruction of certain kinds of property. It may be accident insurance, which is an indemnity against personal injury by accident, or it may be one of the numerous classes of insurance that have sprung up within the past few years, granting indemnity against almost every conceivable form of catastrophe. Among these special forms of casualty insurance may be mentioned plate glass, boiler, tornado, employer's liability, fidelity, credit, and title insurance.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is a branch of life insurance, the latter insuring against death by any cause, while the former insures against death or injury caused by accident. This class of insurance usually provides a certain payment in case of accidental death, a weekly indemnity for either permanent or total disability by reason of accident, and a fixed sum for such permanent injury as the loss of one or both of the hands, feet, or eyes. An accident in this sense is an unforeseen event which results in injury to one's person.

Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity or guaranty insurance is a contract by which an employer is insured against loss by the fraud or dishonesty of his employees, being a guarantee of the honesty of an employee. Fidelity insurance companies also issue bonds guaranteeing the faithful performance of contracts, as those executed by persons holding places of trust.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects merchants and tradesmen from loss through the insolvency or dishonesty of their customers. For a certain premium the insurance company guarantees the merchant against bad debts. The merchants must usually bear a certain small per cent, and all losses over that amount are paid by the insurance company.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a guaranty to the owner of real property that his title is clear. It is an insurance against defects in the title to the property insured, and in case of loss by reason of liens or incumbrances prior to the interest of the insured, the company indemnifies him.

Plate Glass Insurance

Plate glass insurance is another branch of casualty insurance frequently employed, the premium being based upon the cost price of the windows.

Elevator Insurance

Elevator insurance consists of a contract which covers the risk incidental to the use of elevators, including both the damage to the elevators themselves and to persons or property that may be injured by the use of, or by accident occurring to, such elevators.

Steam Boiler Insurance

This insurance covers injury to property or persons by reason of the explosion of steam boilers.