Table of Contents
Preparing for Installation
10 Steps to PostgreSQL Installation

This chapter focuses on the requirements and steps involved with installing and configuring PostgreSQL. Many of the PostgreSQL capabilities are not enabled by default. This is especially true of certain languages extensions such as TCL. As many of the features are not configured by default we will cover the various flags and options available to you at compile time. It is important that you carefully read through all the steps.

Note PostgreSQL for Windows

Although PostgreSQL is capable of running on a Win32 platform, this book will not cover installation for Windows. The Win32 version of PostgreSQL requires the Cygwin environment and will not operate independently within Win32. Although the use of Cygwin can be useful in many situations, the use of a PostgreSQL in a Cygwin environment is probably best left to development and testing only. Accordingly, this chapter will walk you through the installation steps on a Unix/Linux platform. Our installation platform is Linux, but these instructions should be compatible with most current Unix platforms.