Note Destroying Views

Use DROP VIEW to destroy a view.

Operators are tokens which are used to perform operations on values (e.g., constants, or identifiers), and return the results of that operation. The significance of each operator is highly dependent on its context.

In addition to the special character symbols defined as operators (see the section called Operator symbols in Chapter 3 ), there are some SQL keywords which are also considered operators due to their syntactic effect on values in a SQL statement. Throughout this section both these symbols and keywords will be referred to as operators.

Note Operator Availability

For an up to date and complete list of PostgreSQL supported operators, you can always use psql 's \do slash command to view a list of available operators. Understand that many of the listed operators are PostgreSQL-specific, and they therefore may not exist in other SQL-capable databases implementations. Operators affecting SQL92 compliant data types are generally fairly standard.