This section assumes that you already have a PostgreSQL database set up and ready to go. Make sure that you have it set to accept incoming IP connections. This can be configured when running the "postmaster" command. For more information, see section XXX.

You also must have the Java source for the JDBC drivers. This is included in both the "all" package and the "opt" package. These can be downloaded from the PostgreSQL site; for more information about downloading and unpacking the archives, see section XXX.

You also need Ant. Ant is a standard build system for Java products, created by Apache's Jakarta project. For more information, see: Make sure that Ant's bin directory is in your path.

Building The Driver

First we need to configure the makefile system to recognize that we're using Java. Go into the top level of the PostgreSQL archive directory, and type "configure --with-java". This will regenerate Makefiles as necessary, and if necessariy, it will add support for Java.

Next is actually building the driver and implementations. In the src/interfaces/jdbc" directory, just type "make". This will build two jar files: postgresql.jar , containing the Driver class and other concrete implementations, and postgresql-examples.jar , containing compiled example classes.