It is possible to insert values into a table using PgAccess; in fact, the process to do so is fairly simple. Click on the Table tab to view the list of tables, then click on the table you wish to modify and click Open .

This should display a window of rows and columns that contain the various fields of your table. You can tab through these columns and rows to reach a target field, or just use your mouse to click on it. The row chosen will then become highlighted and a cursor will display, showing you the location where new data will appear. The database will not be updated with your changes until after you tab out of the field you were editing; or, alternatively, click into another field with your mouse. PgAccess displays the message: "Updating database..." after you complete one of these actions.

It may be useful to note that it is also possible to both sort and filter the table data; this is accomplished by making use of two fields at the top of the table window, named logically "Sort field" and "Filter conditions." It is possible to sort the table by a field or multiple fields by typing the name of the field into the "Sort field" box, optionally including "asc" or "desc" if you wish for the sort to be ascending or descending, respectively. You can also choose to sort by multiple fields. To do this, include the names of other fields in a comma-delimited list. As an example, you could use the following to sort a list of names by the lastname field, ascending:

lastname asc

To use the "Filter conditions" box, enter filter conditions such as the following:

(age < 45) and (avgsalary > 40000)