There are relatively few things you will need to do to configure PgAccess for use with PostgreSQL. Most importantly, you will need to make sure that Tcl/Tk is installed and configured properly. Also, be sure that you have configured PostgreSQL to support Tcl/Tk.

To configure PostgreSQL with TCL support, you must have used the --with-tcl flag during source compilation. The use of the --with-tcl will configure the appropriate tcl libraries for use with PostgreSQL. The use of this flag will also install the pgaccess binary for you.

Note TCL Support

Linux distributions that come with PostgreSQL such as Red Hat and Mandrake have TCL support compiled in to their PostgreSQL binaries.

If you did not use the --with-tcl flag during your original compilation you can add TCL support to your existing PostgreSQL configuration without a reinstallation of your database server.


You can recompile PostgreSQL using the --with-tcl without having to reinitialize the PostgreSQL data directories. However, if you are going to recompile PostgreSQL in this manner you must use the same source that you originally compiled. If you use a different version of the source, you may lose data. As always, it is a good idea to backup your data before performing any changes to your PostgreSQL installation.

After the re-configuration is finished, clean up the directory (in preparation for compilation) by typing: gmake clean , then compile the code by typing: gmake . Now, shutdown postmaster and type the command: gmake install . This will install the new binaries and libraries for the re-configured PostgreSQL system. Once these are installed you can simply restart PostgreSQL.