The RENAME keyword allows you to change the name of a variable, record, or row. This is helpful if the NEW or OLD keyword is referenced by another name inside of a trigger procedure. For more details on triggers, refer to the Triggers section.

If you need to change the name of a variable, record, or row, use the rename syntax:

  RENAME oldname TO newname;

Remember, rename is defined in the declarations section of a block. Here are two examples:

    RENAME isbn TO book_id;

    RENAME old TO author_row;

This function uses the rename keyword to rename a new row to be replaced into the book table. By renaming new to data, it can be called in the body of the function as data.

CREATE FUNCTION rename_new () RETURNS opaque AS '
  -- gives the new trigger variable name
  -- another name, data
  rename new to data;
  -- returns the new row into the book table
  return data;
' LANGUAGE 'plpgsql';

For more information on trigger variables, refer to the trigger section.

This trigger invokes that function when an update occurs on the book table:

  CREATE TRIGGER rename_new 
  BEFORE UPDATE on book 
     FOR EACH row 
 EXECUTE PROCEDURE rename_new();