This book is intended to be used by any person who is interested in utilizing the PostgreSQL database management system. The reader should be familiar with Linux/Unix based systems but is not expected to be a database guru. Also, as with most Linux/Unix based systems, the tasks in this book that apply to Linux should apply to most common Unix variants without much modification.

What is Included in the CD?

The CD included in this book contains most of the common programs that PostgreSQL users utilize. The CD also includes the PostgreSQL Application server LXP. The following is a listing of what is on the CD, including a short description of each package.

  • The community version of PostgreSQL in source form. It is the most actively developed PostgreSQL. We do not provide binaries of PostgreSQL, as you may want to compile different features.

  • An evaluation/developer use copy of the LXP PostgreSQL application server. LXP is a good tool for integrating PostgreSQL (and other technologies) with the web.

  • One of our favored languages, the CD will also include the source code to the Python programming language. The CD will also contain the PostgreSQL driver.

  • Often called "the glue of the Internet," we are including the source code to the Perl programming language.

  • The source code to the PHP programming language, one of the most oft-used web languages available.