Mac OS X

Apple's OS X operating system has an integrated filesystem-level WebDAV client. From the Finder, select the Connect to Server item from the Go menu. Enter a WebDAV URL, and it appears as a disk on the desktop, just like any other mounted volume. You can also mount a WebDAV share from the Darwin terminal by using the webdav filesystem type with the mount command:

$ mount -t webdav /some/mountpoint

Note that if your mod_dav_svn is older than version 1.2, OS X will refuse to mount the share as read-write; it will appear as read-only. This is because OS X insists on locking support for read-write shares, and the ability to lock files first appeared in Subversion 1.2.

One more word of warning: OS X's WebDAV client can sometimes be overly sensitive to HTTP redirects. If OS X is unable to mount the repository at all, you may need to enable the BrowserMatch directive in the Apache server's httpd.conf:

BrowserMatch "^WebDAVFS/1.[012]" redirect-carefully