Nautilus, Konqueror

Nautilus is the official file manager/browser for the GNOME desktop (, and Konqueror is the manager/browser for the KDE desktop ( Both of these applications have an explorer-level WebDAV client built-in, and operate just fine against an autoversioning repository.

In GNOME's Nautilus, from the File menu, select Open location and enter the URL. The repository should then be displayed like any other filesystem.

In KDE's Konqueror, you need to use the webdav:// scheme when entering the URL in the location bar. If you enter an http:// URL, Konqueror will behave like an ordinary web browser. You'll likely see the generic HTML directory listing produced by mod_dav_svn. By entering webdav://host/repos instead of http://host/repos, Konqueror becomes a WebDAV client and displays the repository as a filesystem.