SASL Encryption

SASL is also able to perform data-encryption if a particular mechanism supports it. The built-in CRAM-MD5 mechanism doesn't support encryption, but DIGEST-MD5 does, and mechanisms like SRP actually require use of the OpenSSL library . To enable or disable different levels of encryption, you can set two values in your repository's svnserve.conf file:

use-sasl = true
min-encryption = 128
max-encryption = 256

The min-encryption and max-encryption variables control the level of encryption demanded by the server. To disable encryption completely, set both values to 0. To enable simple checksumming of data (i.e. prevent tampering and guarantee data integrity without encryption), set both values to 1. If you wish to allow—but not require—encryption, set the minimum value to 0, and the maximum value to some bit-length. To require encryption unconditionally, set both values to numbers greater than 1. In our example above, we require clients to do at least 128-bit encryption, but no more than 256-bit encryption.