This Book is Free

This book started out as bits of documentation written by Subversion project developers, which were then coalesced into a single work and rewritten. As such, it has always been under a free license. (See Appendix E, Copyright.) In fact, the book was written in the public eye, originally as a part of Subversion project itself. This means two things:

  • You will always find the latest version of this book in the book's own Subversion repository.

  • You can make changes to this book and redistribute it however you wish—it's under a free license. Your only obligation is to maintain proper attribution to the original authors. Of course, rather than distribute your own private version of this book, we'd much rather you send feedback and patches to the Subversion developer community.

The online home of this book's development and most of the volunteer-driven translation efforts around it is There, you can find links to the latest releases and tagged versions of the book in various formats, as well as instructions for accessing the book's Subversion repository (where lives its DocBook XML source code). Feedback is welcome—encouraged, even. Please submit all comments, complaints, and patches against the book sources to .