Have you ever searched for your own name on Google, curious what the world has to say about you? Almost everyone of us did, one time or another. In fact, you should – maybe others search for you all the same, and you want to know what they will find.

The act of searching for yourself is also known as "egogoogling." Here's a variant of it which can be a fun game. Enter your first name followed by the word "is" into Google, and put the search in quotes. For example, if your name is Susan, the search would look like this:

"susan is"

Now in the search result snippets, you will learn a lot of things about you that you didn't even know! For the name "Susan," we get the following:

Susan is an amazing person to work with!
Susan is an ethical woman and is refusing to cooperate
Susan is a very attractive young lady (with a boyfriend) who for some reason is always late.
Susan is a top Florida residential real estate agent.
Susan is a top producer specializing in the ski resort town of Breckenridge, as well as the surrounding area.

Not only can you apply this approach to find out more about yourself (or just have a good laugh, actually, as the results are likely to be about another person), you can also use this to find out about celebrities. To do so, enter the full celebrity name followed by the word "is" into Google, and put it in quotes again:

"arnold schwarzenegger is"

For action movie star Arnie, we get these results:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very talented man who would make an excellent governor.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is falling into a similar spiral.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking out for voters' best interests.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man more familiar with the red carpets of a movie premiere than a white collar business seminar.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is terrifying as the "killer cyborg" who "looks like Death rendered in steel."
Arnold Schwarzenegger is The Terminator (T-800).
Arnold Schwarzenegger is quickly discovering that life in politics doesn't always produce the happy endings so common in many of his Hollywood blockbusters.

Note that you can use "stars in," "was born in" and similar glue words instead of "is" to find out almost anything about a celebrity. You can even expand the idea to include things, not people… try searching for "Nikon cameras are" and similar queries.

If you don't have Google near you, here are some popular male and female names with their "egogoogled" results.

Male Names

Aaron is a monotonic anchor.
Adam is a deeply disturbing and depressing film.
Alan is AI's pattern-matching chatbot.
Albert is so cute!
Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.
Anthony is probably the best male vocal out there.
Arthur is kind of in a category by itself.
Brandon is for the birds.
Brian is embarrassed that he needs the extra help in school.
Carl is just sitting there in Nashville!
Charles is also a coach of AYSO youth soccer, an officer in the PTA of the local elementary school.
Christopher is of mixed heritage (Asian-American).
Daniel is a natural talent .
David is not allowed computer access.
Dennis is one of Britain's best known entrepreneurs.
Donald is rarely easy to understand, and people have supposedly heard him say all sorts of risque things. Donald is a Professor in the Department of Psychology.
Douglas is "King of California."
Edward is a biological human (not a robot).
Edward is coming BACK to television.
Eric is featured on guitar and mandolin on the songs Viargra and Gypsy woman.
Frank is hilariously funny on what makes us red-staters different from blue-staters (not).
Fred is leading the Franklin Templeton Shootout after 2 rounds!
Gary is the editor and compiler of ResourceShelf.
George is, quite simply, the worst helpdesk technician ever.
Gerald is frightened and doesn't understand why the woman wants to assist him.
Gregory is recognized as one of the very foremost orators.
Harold is an original.
Henry is currently in jail.
Jack is looking for a house with about half an acre of land to buy in California.
James is as forthright as an Old Testament prophet.
Jason is who the JASON Project is named after.
Jeffrey is helping to clear up this cosmic murkiness.
Jeremy is a conscientious worker who can usually be relied upon.
Jerry is a master at understanding your goals for the photograph and then creating the perfect lighting.
Joe is "LIVE" daily.
John is succeeding marvelously in journalism's highest calling: to encourage people .
Jonathan is writing a magical fable of his grandfather's village in Ukraine.
Joseph is the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director.
Joshua is home now.
Juan is similar to the one at the top of this page.
Justin is practicing walking on his hands.
Keith is a true character who comes across as being very sincere.
Kenneth is a strong advocate for community building and social change.
Kevin is creative director and co-founder at Lightroom.
Larry is also a political planner.
Lawrence is a New York Real Estate Broker specializing in Putnam.
Mark is coauthor of Inside Windows 2000, Third Edition (Microsoft Press).
Matthew is believed to have used Mark and the theoretical source.
Michael is abandoning the music business to release his songs online for free instead.
Patrick is one of the nation's best young auto racers.
Paul is backwards in line and taller than everyone else, again.
Peter is a consultant with a distinguished academic track record.
Ralph is not beyond fishing around for a philosophical explanation.
Raymond is an observer-participant anthropologist in the Internet
Richard is often accused of being overly concerned with himself.
Robert is an elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA)
Roger is approached by a gangling, spotty computer scientist.
Ronald is known in more than 100 countries wherever you find McDonald's restaurants.
Ryan is clearly good at her job.
Samuel is irresistible.
Scott is arguably the most well-known and influential unknown composer.
Shawn is now 26 years old, lives in San Diego, enjoys snowboarding, taking trips to Lake.
Stephen is working with Marvel to produce a series of comic books.
Steve is a DJ in Boston.
Steven is writing the same song over and over.
Terry is back with his new group, The Society for Truth and Justice.
Thomas is still searching
Timothy is an accomplished juggler.
Walter is now 79 years of age and in excellent health.
William is truly "fit for a king."

Female Names

Alice is an AIML engine written in C++.
Amanda is most known for her role in FOX's hit TV show "The OC."
Amy is... sniff... sniff... sad about our recent barking on her "Re-name RSS contest."
Angela is absolutely swamped this week!
Ann is only a writer – and NOT a private detective.
Anna is helping out with the hurricane relief effort.
Anne is a storyteller.
Barbara is to go to Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara.
Betty is distinctively heard singing alongside Michael.
Brenda is the mother of 14 children, 12 of whom are adopted.
Carolyn is currently training for the next WNBA season.
Catherine is a star.
Christina is also busy promoting the line of footwear "Skechers."
Christine is red and white.
Cindy is in "love with the attention."
Cynthia is still on the border.
Debbie is an International Magician.
Deborah is pleased to announce two brand-new paintings!
Debra is a nationally recognized expert on communication skills.
Denise is funny, bright and bubbly.
Diana is currently in London, England where she is working on the artwork. ...
Diane is steadfast in her mission of marketing and negotiating the terms of the sale.
Donna is recording her 2nd CD, "Feels Like Home", which will be released in 2001.
Doris is such a great zine.
Dorothy is 5 Dinosaur years old, and is very wise for her age.
Edith is only meaningful.
Elizabeth is just south of the expanding Addo Elephant National Park.
Ellen is Africa's first lady president.
Emily is nation's young poet of the year.
Heather is the one with the muscles.
Helen is Coming To Town!.
Irene: Irene is a wedding and portrait photographer serving parts of New England and New York State. Jane is one of Victorian literature's rebellious heroines.
Janet is fantastic.
Janice is right there on that edge.
Jennifer is a genius.
Jessica is a joy and a delight that brings happiness to all of us.
Josephine is Under Construction!
Judith is no mythical personage.
Judy is going to still have to answer to a higher authority.
Julie is no longer a loner; she, too, learns about being a part of a community.
Karen is an experienced tutor in both fiddle and step dance.
Katherine is one of two large towns you will come across on the route between Darwin and Alice.
Kathleen is foremost a musician.
Kathy is married to Rick Hilton, who is the wealthy grandson.
Kimberly is married to Johnny.
Laura is not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist.
Linda is now going to move to the south of Sweden.
Lisa is furious with Debbie.
Louise is a first-class song, there is no doubting.
Margaret is not the enemy.
Marie is an accomplished author with an important story to tell.
Martha is "free."
Melissa is very open about her past.
Michelle is as Michelle does.
Nancy is also an award-winning video producer.
Nicole is now working hard on a NEW collection of tunes.
Pamela is coming into her glory today.
Rachel is well on her way to achieving her goals.
Rebecca is never seen, and yet she is the main character.
Ruth is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.
Sandra is the fourth woman to win it all, compared to only three men.
Sara is right. Yes, it is true.
Sarah is still in the studio working.
Sharon is expected to decide this weekend.
Sherry is a type of wine originally produced in and around the town of Jerez.
Stephanie is so afraid of germs, she can't stop washing her hands.
Susan is creative, perceptive, intuitive, and timely.
Suzanne is not Sue.
Tina is no acronym.
Virginia is a five-day bike tour.
Wendy is now the only comic featured on the website.

(Original cartoon by the US government Original cartoon by the US government.)