Oops, I Googled Again

Brian Mingus and a bunch of his friends were sitting together one evening, and after a few glasses of Italian wine, decided to write up a giant list of catch-phrases, movie titles, proverbs and random quotes... which all had to include the word "Google." Here's the list1... can you guess all the sources?

How many Googles must a man walk down?
Googlemorgen America
Thus quothe the raven, "Google more!"
Wherefore art thou, Google
Google and prejudice
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I Googled weak and weary
I am a Googlevangelist
Googles up, hang ten!
Google is the dictator that everyone loves
You can't spell God without Google
Stairway to Google
Dude, where's my Google?
Got Google?
We are all Googlers under Google
In the beginning, there was Google
I Google, therefore I am
It was the best of Googles, it was the worst of Googles
All my kingdom for a Googler
Peace, Love, and Google
All you need is Google
Google like it's 1999
The Google at the end of the rainbow
We've found a witch! Can we Google her?
The Googler on the roof
One flew over the Googlenest
Why can't the English teach their children how to Google
We are the knights who say Google
Google spoke Zarathustra
That's why the Google is a tramp
Murder she Googled
Save the last Google for me
There's not enough Google in this town for the both of us
I'll Google you on the flip-side
The Scarlett Google
The Purloined Google
"Googligans Island"
All my Googles
The Googlebury Tales
Google and the Beast
A Midsummer Nights' Google
20,000 Googles Under the Sea
Something Googled this way comes
Google to the death!
You smell like a Google...and you look like one too
I dream of Google
Google it again Sam
Uncle Google wants you!
To Google Times
Out of the Google and into the fire!
Don't throw the Google out with the bathwater
Bad Brian, you must say 20 hail Googles!
Bless those who Google you
Google, the final frontier
Google, interrupted
Gone with the Google
I can't get no Googlefaction
Saturday night Google
You Google my name, and you know wherever I am.
Jack, I'm Googling!
I'm Gooooogling in the rain
Google outside the box
Beyond Google and evil
Do you know where your Google is?
Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Google
Murder by Google
To Google or not to Google.
To sleep, perchance to Google!
My name is Google, you killed my father.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Google!
And they Googled happily ever after
Do you promise to love, honor, and Google, until death do you part?
The lone Googler
Big Google is watching you
Google the man!
The first rule of Google is not to talk about Google
Gone with the Google
Frankly my dear, I don't give a Google!
Love in the time of Google
War and Google
The west side Google
Larry, Moe, and Google
Give me Google or give me death!
Four Googles and 20 years ago
Googletrek, the next generation
Googlescene investigation
Red, white, and Google
Google Potter
How many Googles does it take to turn into a lightbulb?
I was lost, but now am Googled
Not a creature was Googling, not even a mouse
Do the Googlewoogy
And I took the road less Googled, and that has made all the difference
The Googler's Guide to the Galaxy
So long, and thanks for all the Google
Google No. 5
Return of the Google
Do the hokey pokey, and Google all around
Abandon all hope, all ye who Google here
A Google in the Dark
The Google that roared
Google on the Oriental Express
You can't have your Google and eat it to
If I was the last man on earth, would you Google me?
Saved by the Google
Hand over the Google and nobody gets hurt
Google is my co-pilot
Sometimes a Google is just a Google
Do not meddle in the affairs of Googlers
Gooogle, taste the rainbow
Have you hugged your Google today?
Wake up and smell the Google
Here's a quarter; Google someone who cares
No shirt, no Google, no service
I know its only Google but I like it
If it feels good Google it
Advanced whitening Google
Keep your Googles to yourself
I think I Googled my pants
Put a Google on your face
The Googlepride Googleparade
USS Google, departing
Googlers of the world unite
Stop Googling your nose
Never underestimate the power of Google
Your Google is so soft!
Friends don't let friends Google drunk
Do you have a designated Googler?
Is that a Google in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
The restaurant order slips these are written on are Googlebilia
All roads lead to Google
One Google, two Geegles
The Googleogical Argument
Girls giggle and boys Google
Frankly my dear, I don't give a Google.

End Notes

1. Courtesy of Brian Mingus and friends. (2004). What would Jesus Google? (www.55fun.com/12)