Christophe Bruno is surely having fun with Google, in his own ways. He's an artist, and many of his projects are based on the internet – and Google. In 2002 he released the "Google AdWords Happening" onto the world. AdWords are Google's small advertisement boxes displayed next to search results.... and Christophe used (or abused) them to show nonsensical messages like "mary !!!/ I love you/ come back/ john."

Also in 2002, Christophe created the Non-Wedding page ( Don't expect to necessarily understand its purpose – it's art. You can enter any two names into its two boxes, like "Peter" and "Mary," and click "Celebrate a non-wedding" on the top of the page. What happens then? Well, based on the names you entered, Christophe will simply load two different images via Google Images. Like here:

Celebrate Google Non Weddings, and More

Spelling Words With Google Images Letters

This isn't the only way to combine Google images in interesting ways. You can also try to create a word by searching for its letters. For example, when you want to spell "Hello," you search for "letter h", "letter e", and so on (including quotes), and always take the first image which displays the respective letter. If a letter is repeated, you choose the second image. Here's the result for spelling "Hello" with Google image results:

Spelling Words With Google Images Letters

Create a Google Rebus

Instead of spelling words by their letters, you can also "spell" words by their individual parts. This makes for a good riddle to present to someone. For example, when you want to spell "lovesick" you search for "love" and "sick" and put the two result images next to each other; your friend then should guess what the word means.

Other words for this "Google Rebus" game include: "walkman," "stronghold," or "happiness." (Search for "happy" and "ness" – the first part will result in a happily laughing baby, the second in the monster from Loch Ness!)

The Google Images Storyteller

Want to turn complete paragraphs into visuals? You can, with the Google Images Storyteller ( You type a sentence – a poem, or song lyrics, or anything else – into the input box, hit submit, and it will automatically search Google Images to create a story made up of visuals only.