Can you guess the top Google search result for the letters of the alphabet? For example, when you search for "a", the top Google result is Apple Computer Inc (naturally, the top result changes over time). Simply note down the first company, organization, software, person or product you can think of below:

A: Apple Computer Inc
B: ________________________
C: ________________________
D: ________________________
E: ________________________
F: ________________________
G: ________________________
H: ________________________
I: ________________________
J: ________________________
K: ________________________
L: ________________________
M: ________________________
N: ________________________
O: ________________________
P: ________________________
Q: ________________________
R: ________________________
S: ________________________
T: ________________________
U: ________________________
V: ________________________
X: ________________________
Y: ________________________
Z: ________________________


Apple Computer Inc, B'Tselem, C-SPAN, D-Link, E! Online, F-Secure, Gmail, H-Net, iTools, Jennifer Lopez, K Desktop Environment, Council of Europe portal, Texas A&M University, SBC Knowledge Network Explorer, O'Reilly Media,,, The R Project for Statistical Computing, McDonald's, T-Mobile, whatUseek Web Search, V-Day, President George W. Bush, X.Org, Yahoo! Messenger, Z Communications. (This is from 2005 results often change.)