This is probably the weirdest game on Google you will find online. "Bemmu's Cure for Google Irritation" ( moves all kinds of Google-related sentences through the screen. Like "I hate Googleplex," "Who needs Larry," or "Google doesn't frighten me." Now it's your job to type these sentences into a small box below the screen as fast as you can before they disappear. When you succeed, you get as many points as the phrase contains letters. If you don't succeed, you lose one of your 10 lives.

The Google Irritation Game, and the Google Image Quiz

If you are looking for a little more long-term fun, I suggest my Google Image Quiz ( In it, you will be presented with 15 images for every round. Then it's your job to find the correct search words that were used to find these images in Google Images. Sounds easy? Give it a try, I've heard it's addicting, too!