Egobot, Voice of the Web

Egobot ( is a tool which uses the web itself as its brain. For every question you ask Egobot, he'll try to find answers on Google within a second or two. Sometimes, that results in nonsense, and other times, in factually correct answers. Often it's just fun to listen to him, because he (or should I say the web?) is kind of weird. But take a look at the following interview I made and judge for yourself:

You ask: What is your first name?

Egobot says: Your first name is Mohan, what does your father call you? daddy, sir.

You ask: How is it possible to speak to you?

Egobot says: I bet you know the answer already.

You ask: Where is my car?

Egobot says: Your car is to check its residual value in the lease.

You ask: Why am I talking to a bot?

Egobot says: *blush*

You ask: Will I be famous one day?

Egobot says: Yeah, well... I... uh...

You ask: What is my star sign?

Egobot says: Your star sign is based on the very simple notion that the sun appears to move through the twelve constellations of the zodiac over the course of 1 year.

You ask: Do I look healthy?

Egobot says: You do look healthy, among other things.

You ask: Where is my lawyer?

Egobot says: You can find a lawyer by choosing from among the search criteria below.

You ask: Why should I talk to you?

Egobot says: You should talk to you because I like talking to myself.

You ask: Who directed the movie "Frenzy"?

Egobot says: Hmm, my internet connection is unstable.

You ask: Where is your home?

Egobot says: Your home is in my heart lyrics.

You ask: Who directed "Terminator 2"?

Egobot says: Terminator 2, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Linda Hamilton on the new IMD mini (universal media disc) format.

You ask: Why does it look like you are stupid?

Egobot says: What??

You ask: How is the weather?

Egobot says: The weather is normally like for tens of thousands of places worldwide! city or town name.

You ask: Where are you working?

Egobot says: I am working on a steganography project, I need to know how.

You ask: What is the birthplace of bill clinton?

Egobot says: Bill clinton was born in arkansas

You ask: What happened in year 1977?

Egobot says: In 1977, there was a bridge to cross.

You ask: How much do you weigh?

Egobot says: I weigh on mars? using reference materials available in the classroom or library, look up the surface gravity of different planets and other.

You ask: Why do you talk nonsense?

Egobot says: I don't know.

You ask: What is the meaning of life?

Egobot says: The meaning of life is impaired by fixed notions or perspectives on what it means to be human.

You ask: Do you like robots?

Egobot says: I do like robots nonetheless.

You ask: Do you like donuts?

Egobot says: I do like donuts , though (and all sorts of sweets).

You ask: Who is your father?

Egobot says: My father is in the hospital in South Dakota with complications from diabetes.

You ask: Do you mind if I leave?

Egobot says: Ahh, good question!