Funny Google Videos

Google Video ( is Google's video service where you can upload your own videos, or watch videos uploaded by others. You'll find anything from homemade college humor videos to short clips of Family Guy.

(If you can't watch the videos in your country, you can download the "FLV" files at the Google Video Downloader [] site. The Google Video Downloader site also lets you see what others found worthwhile downloading, so it's a good place to find funny or interesting video.)

Here are some searches which might result in fun videos at Google Video.

Overworked Guy

Search for: overworked

You might find: A funny Asian clip of a couple in a restaurant. She complains he is spending too much time in front of the computer. I won't spoil what he does next...

Drunk Adults

Search for: drunk

You might find: Drunken people. (Which incidentally often makes for funny people.)

Highschool Dance

Search for: "high school" dance

Or search for: "high school" music

You might find: Incredible break-dancing. Or: an amateur dance group performing their Led Zeppelin choreography.

The Blue Man Group

Search for: blue man

You might find: The blue-skinned performance group which became famous in the Intel commercials.

Random Pranks

Search for: prank

You might find: All sorts of pranks, like a kid doing a prank phone call.


Search for: costume

You might find: People dressed up in funny costumes – such as a Halloween dinosaur.


Search for: satire

Or search for:humor... funny... parody... sketch... fun...

You might find: People trying to play a sketch, play a prank, surprise someone or similar things.


Search for: comedian

Or search for: comedian... stand-up... joking... joke... seinfeld... conan...

You might find: People telling jokes, like stand-up comedians or talk show hosts (e.g. Mitch Hedberg on the David Letterman Show).


Search for: family guy

Or search for: simpsons...

You might find: Short funny clips from the TV shows… like the Kool Aid Man making a surprise entrance.

Martial Arts

Search for: karate

Or search for: jiu jitsu... tae kwon do... judo... boxing... martial arts

You might find: Amateur recordings of martial arts performances or trainings. There's also an incredible Karate chimp waiting for you.

Napoleon Dynamite

Search for: napoleon dynamite

You might find: People dancing the dance from the end of the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" (some while wearing "Vote for Pedro" shirts). You can also see the "real" Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder, promoting the Utah State Fair. And then there's "Jamison Dynamite: The Return of the Star Wars Geek." (A similar dance to the one Napoleon performed can be found searching for "Spiderman dancing," by the way.)

Amateur Singing

Search for: karaoke

You might find: Badly sung songs.

The Numa Numa Song

Search for: numa numa

You might find: Parodies of the parody of the "Numa numa" song by O-Zone.

Best of Cats

Search for: funny cats

You might find: A "best of" collection of funny cat clips that made its way around the internet.

The Star Wars Kid

Search for: star wars kid

You might find: A now famous amateur movie of a Jedi solo battle performed by an overachieving teen. (This was one of the many "memes" which took off at Andy Baio's

American Idols

Search for: american idol

You might find: Amateur singers, once again – including two-week wonder William Hung who said, "I want to make music my living."

Enter the Matrix

Search for: matrix ping pong

You might find: Two table tennis players in an amazing Matrix-like match.

Jerry Springer Talk Shows

Search for: jerry springer

You might find: "Darling, I'm a man, and not a woman" – clips taken from the infamous talk show which often happens to be more about fighting than talking.

Strange Weather Forecasts

Search for: weatherman

Also search for: weather man

You might find: Public broadcasts of rapping and dancing weather men. Or a weather man who suddenly starts swearing at Fox.