For finishing the lantern a new process is suggested, that of waxing. This finish is much better for the larger pieces than banana oil. The wax finish is prepared and used in the following manner: In a tin cup melt some beeswax; when it is liquid move away from the fire and pour in an equal amount of turpentine, stir together and set aside to cool. Color the lantern by any of the previously described methods of coloring, or polish as bright as possible with the steel wool or emery cloth and leave bright. After the desired color is secured, warm the lantern over the bunsen burner, or any other flame that will not smoke, and with a small piece of cloth rub on the lantern a small amount of the wax. The lantern must be warm enough to melt the turpentine and beeswax as it is applied, but not hot enough to cause the wax to smoke. After the wax has been rubbed lightly and rapidly over the lantern, allow it to get perfectly cold, then polish briskly but lightly with a soft, clean cloth. The finish gives a soft sheen to the metal that preserves the color indefinitely and adds materially to the beauty of the finished article. It remains only to put in the glass and bend over the glass holders, and the lantern is finished.

Fig . 57. Hanging lantern.

Fig. 57. Hanging lantern.