To give a violet color to brass dissolve 4 1/2 ounces of sodium hyposulphide in 1 quart of water. Then dissolve 1 ounce 3 3/4 drachms of crystallized sugar of lead in another quart of water and mix the solutions. This mixture is to be heated to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, the articles plunged in same and moved around constantly. The first color which will appear on the brass subjected to this bath will be gold-yellow. This will, however, soon be replaced by violet, and if the article remains longer in the bath it will become green.

(2) Colors of similar lustre are also secured by the dissolution of 1 quart of water of 2 11-100 ounces pulverized tartar, and also by the dissolution in 1/2 pint of water of 1 ounce of chloride of tin. These solutions are to be mixed, heated and the clear mixture is poured into a solution of 6 34-100 ounces of sodium-hyposulphide in 1 pint of water. This mixture is to be heated to 176 degrees Fahrenheit and the pickled brass objects plunged therein.