Insulating coverings for steam pipes is made by boiling together 1 lb. Rye Flour, 1 lb. Rice Flour, 1 lb. Treacle, 1 lb. Cow's Hair, with 150 qts. Water.

To which mass 80 lbs. of infusorial earth is gradually stirred. This compound should be applied in several layers to the slightly warmed pipes, so that a layer a little more than 1/2 inch in thickness is formed.

(2) Another covering for steam pipes is made from asbestos pulp, cork waste and felt, filled into a casting surrounding the pipes.

(3) Another compound for the insulation of steam pipes consists of:

250 parts Pulverized Clay, 300 parts Fine Ashes from Boiler Flues, 100 parts Finely Ground Limestone, 350 parts Finely Ground Coal.

These are to be intimately mixed with 600 parts Water, 10 parts Sulphuric Acid (of 50 degrees Be.) and after the addition of 15 parts of hogs' bristles the compound is to be made as homogeneous as possible. Heat the article to be covered, and then gradually apply this compound in separate layers of one-half an inch thickness until a thickness of l 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches is obtained.