The best paint for tin roof - a paint which will preserve the tin and stand wear, also is a good paint for iron: Pure linseed oil, or, as some prefer, equal parts of linseed oil and good fish oil, should form the body, with which may be incorporated Spanish brown, Venetian red and yellow ochre. This should be laid on in good body. Only the best materials should be used to paint iron surfaces. Pure linseed oil without the admixture of any volatile oil should be used for the body. The large percentage of linolein which it contains combines with the oxygen of the air and forms a solid translucent substance which possesses much substance and elasticity, and will not crack or blister, by reason of the expansion and contraction of the iron with the variations of the temperature. It is very adhesive and impervious to water. Red lead with linseed oil makes a specially good paint, though other colors may be used. Asphalt or pitch dissolved in turpentine or petroleum and mixed with a portion of linseed oil also make a durable paint for iron.