Silk and cotton stockings used in their natural colors or dyed make a variety of interesting and usable articles. The material is excellent to work with because it is soft and easily sewed.

Hooked Rugs

Make a frame and sew on gunny sack as shown on page 68. Cut silk or cotton stockings or socks into strips about one inch wide. Hook by pulling up loops as described on page 67. Make loops one-fourth to one-half inch long on the right side of the gunny sack. Do not clip the loops when finished.

Stockings may be dyed and worked into any design which has been drawn with crayon on the gunny sack. Socks in different colors may be used in a hit-and-miss pattern. Old cotton or wool rags may be used instead of stockings. Knit underwear is also excellent and may be dyed any colors. Suitable for upper grades.

Braided Table Mats

Dye light silk stockings or underwear in harmonious colors. Cut into strips to make braids any desired thickness, usually very narrow. Make a pattern showing how the colors will be distributed on the mat. Sew the braids together on the back of the mat using heavy thread. Suitable for middle and upper grades.


Tin cans are used for the body of the stool. Cans of any size may be used depending on the desired size of the stool. Choose four or seven cans of the same size. Stuff the cans with paper or rags, slip each can into a piece of stocking and tie at top and bottom. The open ends of the cans are on top. Sew the cans together as shown on page 72. Pad the stool generously with rags on top and sides and put several thicknesses of heavy rags on the bottom to keep the cans from wearing through when the stool is used. Make braids from strips of old stockings and sew together as described for table mats above. This makes the covering for the top and sides of the stool, use a piece of gunny sack or oil cloth for the bottom. Slip the braided cover over cans and sew to bottom. Stools made with seven cans may be padded only on top and bottom and covered with cretonne or other material, retaining the original shape of the seven cans and making an odd shaped stool rather than a round one. Suitable for middle and upper grades.

Construction of a foot stool

Construction of a foot stool using four tin cans and stockings. The stool padded and covered with braided strips of stockings and a second stool made from seven tin cans- Construc-tion of a wig made from an old stocking and cotton.


These may be used in plays and pageants. Pull the top of a stocking down over the top of the head covering the hair and ears if they are not to show under the wig. Tie stocking at top of head and cut away remainder of material. To this foundation sew cotton, fine fringe made from stockings, untwisted yarn or rope or any other material to give the desired effect. Paper and cardboard may be sewed on to make helmets and other head dresses. Suitable for middle and upper grades.


Use a white stocking, turn wrongside out and tie for top of head. Turn rightside out and stuff with cotton or rags, tie up at neck and sew up at bottom of body. Make legs and arms by sewing up parts of a stocking. Stuff and sew these in place. Cut fine fringe from dark stockings and sew on for hair, old yarn may be used. Sew the features with black or colored thread. Dress doll using stockings or other materials. Cats and rabbits may be made similar to the dolls. Suitable for lower and middle grades.

Dolls and animals stockings

Dolls and animals made from old stockings. Puppet with stocking foundation. A ball of rags with a stocking cover.


Make a head for the puppet from a turnip, potato or from papier mache as described on page 27. Hollow out the head leaving a hole inside into which the index finger fits readily. Tie a piece of stocking around the neck of the puppet to slip over the hand. The index finger works the head and the thumb and little finger act as the hands. Make clothes from any kind of material and sew around neck and to the stocking foundation. See page 152 for puppet stage. Suitable for all grades.


Cut strips of rags or old stockings and wind into a firm ball the desired size. From an old stocking cut two pieces as shown on page 74. Sew these pieces on for the cover of the ball. Suitable for middle grades.