In Creative Crafts for Campers we have attempted to present arts and crafts activities that grow from the outdoor living setting and situation, using basic arts and crafts media to develop "good" crafts for campers.

Many camp leaders throughout the country have shared in the development of the various projects. Campers, too, have helped, especially those who have responded beyond the usual desire to "make something," and who have worked at projects with imagination and enthusiasm for the project and for the out-of-doors. All of the projects have been developed by some group or individual; during the past few years, much of the material was tested by campers and leaders-in-training at Derrybrook, in Vermont. The book is an expression of appreciation to all those campers, young and old, who have contributed ideas, suggestions, and testing to the working out of the chapters.

No book is written without behind-the-scenes helpers who clear the trail for production. Mrs. Robert Nixon and Miss Margaret Rodewig have been two such helpers; they encouraged, checked, tested, experimented, corrected, and perhaps most of all, cooked, cleaned, and stitched to keep us on the trail for two long years. Our debt to them is great.

Mrs. Francis Richardson, Miss Norma Lord, and Mrs. Robert Stockman were also helpers in meeting deadlines of typing and illustrations, and appreciation is expressed to them.

Catherine T. Hammett, Carol M. Horrocks

South Londonderry, Vermont