As long as there are camps, playgrounds and recreation programs-and we hope that will be as long as civilization endures - there will be a continuing need for craft projects that do not require elaborate equipment. The average recreation director does not have a well-equipped craft room at his disposal, but this should not-nor does it-mean that he cannot offer a craft program.

The simple projects described in this booklet, several of which were developed for the National Recreation Association by Frank A. Staples, the Association's specialist in arts and crafts, require only inexpensive, easy-to-find materials and can be undertaken by almost any group of children. The majority of these projects can be integrated with nature activities; they will be enjoyed equally by boys and girls. The long list of things to do with odds and ends will suggest to the imaginative director many other craft projects that can be introduced in camp and playground groups.

None of these crafts require any particular skill, although the child who begins to dabble more or less aimlessly in clay modeling, for example, may suddenly discover that he possesses an outstanding talent. Such a discovery often leads to the adoption of a lifetime hobby or even a vocation, and the uncovering of such hidden talents is one of the real joys of a recreation director's job.

It is hoped that all the projects described here will be found both practical and enjoyable, and that this booklet will be a real addition to the camp or playground director's library.

Executive Director