Any of these roguish little animal lapel pins will delight most girls. They are sawed out or carved in two pieces-the bodies from 1/4" wood and the heads from thinner stock.

Shown in the drawings are a wise old owl with a knowing wink, a tiger more good natured than bad, and an inquisitive kitten. Also given is a rear view of the tiger showing how it is slotted to permit an ordinary safety pin to be cemented in place.

Cut out the body and carve it simply, if you wish, to round the edges and bring out the important lines; then drill an oversize hole for a small wood screw to turn in freely, and countersink the hole from the back. The head is shaped next, and both pieces are sanded and enameled in striking colors. Finally, put the screw into the back of the head at the point indicated, passing it through the body and a light cardboard washer.

Cut out the body and carve it simplyround the edges

Rakish Swordfishing Boat Carved in Relief on White-Pine Board.

There is double interest in carving a plaque- that in the actual carving and the lasting pleasure of seeing your work on your wall or that of a friend. This swordfishing boat, with its odd rail, or "chair," at the tip of its bowsprit, is an unusual design not seen in many waters, though such boats are frequent sights in the fishing harbors of Nova Scotia.

Lay out the ship on squares drawn lightly on a 1" by 81/2" by 101/2" piece of white pine; then carve out the background with a sharp jack-knife and chisel to a depth of 3/8". Next, shape the lines of the ship, billowing the sails, cutting back the masts, bowsprit, and keel so they appear to be at the centerline of the boat, cutting back the cabin somewhat less, and curving the hull gracefully. Then bevel the edges of the board.

An attractive background can be obtained by sawing off square the end of a 4" spike and slotting a cross on the square end. This gives you four points that can be punched over the entire back surface for a hammered effect. After this, go over the outline of the ship again with a sharp knife to make it stand out cleanly; then sand the ship and beveled edges and give them a coat or two of clear lacquer or shellac. A mahogany or other stain or wood dye is then applied to the background in order to complete the project.

Me. 109g... Famed Nazi Fighter